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Edison Electric – Frequently Asked Questions

At Edison Electric, we take pride in being your local Morgantown Area Electrician and want to provide some answers to questions our team often receives from our customers.  First and foremost, we want to stress the potential danger in dealing electricity, which is why we encourage our customers to play it safe and ask questions rather than experimenting or attempting to fix your home’s electrical system.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers our team often receives:

Do I need to hire an electrician?

This is perhaps the most common question our team receives. There is a common belief that you only need to hire an electrician when you are building a new home or addition, however, this is simply not the case.

Considering the potential dangers associated with electricity, we strongly encourage you to contact an electrician for anything needing updated or repaired that is powered by electricity. And while we can appreciate the advantages that doing it yourself can present, DIY mistakes can be costly and, in some cases, extremely dangerous. For those not properly trained to work with electricity, there is a risk of electrocution, as well as a risk that an improper repair may create fire hazard.

For this reason, here are a few situations that we highly recommend contacting a licensed electrician.

  • You have fuses that keep blowing or circuit breakers that are tripping
  • There is rust on or close to your electrical service panel. This indicates water damage
  • You do not have GFCI outlets are not installed in such areas as your kitchen, bathrooms, garage or exterior of your home.
  • You are utilizing extension cords because there are too few outlets in a room
  • Lights dim when appliances are turned on
  • Electrical switches or outlets feel warm, tingly, are showing discoloration, or do not function properly
  • A need to add more outlets, switches or light fixtures in a room
  • You have appliances with 3-prong plugs that cannot be used because outlets only accept 2-prong plugs

Does Edison Electric Offer Free Consultations?

Yes, we at Edison Electric offers free consultations to assess your home or business electrical needs. A proposal of work will be presented for your needed services. This does not include our after hour or emergency services.

What Areas Does Edison Electric Provide Service?

At Edison Electric, we proudly service throughout North Central West Virginia. Our office is based in Morgantown, and routinely service communities including Blacksville, Bridgeport, Bruceton Mills, Clarksburg, Kingwood, Grafton, Fairmont, and Shinnston areas. However, our team will provide service in additional areas, provided our team can properly and provide the best service possible. Contact us today if you are located just outside of North Central WV.

Is there a difference between a circuit breaker and a fuse?

When considering a panel system upgrade, we often get asked the difference. Overall,  a fuse and a circuit breaker both function to disrupt the flow of electricity when an overload or fault is sensed. However, the main difference is that A fuse will have to be replaced once it has tripped; a circuit breaker will not need to be replaced. Because of this, we recommend the use of circuit breakers.

What does the term “short circuit” mean?

When a wire carrying an electrical current comes into contact with the grounded conductor wire, or the equipment ground wire, this creates excessive heat, or often a spark. PLEASE NOTE that If you see sparks in your electrical service panel, you likely have witnessed a short circuit and encourage you to have it checked by a licensed electrician.

What is a GFCI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, is a type of electrical outlet  designed to protect you from electrical shock where, and if, moisture is present. They are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor outlets and garages.

Your GFCI outlet will feature test/reset buttons. Simply press the “test” button to turn off the GFCI, or press the “reset” button to turn it back on after it has tripped. If you continue to experience issues with your GFCI outlet tripping, we suggest contacting a licensed electrician.

Why do my light bulbs blow out frequently?

There are several reasons that could be causing your light bulbs to blow out frequently. And while most issues indicate a problem, one particular reason that needs to be addressed is overheating, which would be an immediate fire safety risk. A light fixture that has poor airflow will result in excessive heat buildup around the bulb. Having to replace bulbs again and again is not just an inconvenience, it’s also a fire hazard. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our team at Edison Electric if you have any questions or concerns regarding the electrical needs for your home or business in the greater Morgantown area!